The physical evidence, so far |

The physical evidence, so far

They include a T-shirt stained with a blood spot of undisclosed size of his alleged victim.

– Defense attorneys have not yet addressed it.

Rape kit evidence:

The DNA evidence, including blood and hair samples, indicates Bryant had sexual intercourse with his alleged victim. He publicly admitted that the day he was charged with felony sexual assault.

– Defense attorneys do not deny the two had sexual intercourse. They insist the sex was consensual.

Photographic evidence:

Photos of the alleged victim’s injuries to the posterior frochette were submitted as evidence. Two photos were submitted, one unaltered, and another after the injured areas were treated with a blue dye to make the injuries stand out. Both were magnified. According to testimony about the nurse examiners report, they depict two lacerations about 2 centimeters in length and several smaller lacerations to her vaginal area about 1 millimeter in length. The report says the lacerations are not consistent with consensual sex, but with penetrating genital trauma.

– Defense attorneys assert that the nurse examiners report does not clearly indicate specific injuries. They assert these injuries, if they exist at all, certainly do not support the prosecution’s charges of felony sexual assault. They also raised the question whether they could be consistent with someone who has had sex with different men on three consecutive days.


According to prosecution testimony, Bryant took his alleged victim by the throat with both hands, controlled her movements and guided her where he wanted her to go.

– Defense attorneys assert that a diagram in the nurse examiners report is supposed to indicate where bruising and marks are located on the alleged victim’s body. There are no bruises indicated on that diagram, they said. There are especially no bruises to the alleged victim’s throat. The only bruise was indicated in a photograph of the victim’s left jaw. That bruise was about half the size of a penny.

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