The plight of complication |

The plight of complication

Don Rogers

The word of wisdom with home rule is KISS. As in Keep It Simple …Initiatives to change how counties run fail with the voters because they get too complicated. More stuff jammed into a charter just opens more doors to opposition. The committees that pen such things always seem to hear the siren’s call to add that one more nugget, and then one more, and … . Pretty soon it’s all too much, a good idea spoiled, sunk in minutia.But there are characteristics in the standard state model for counties that do not serve Eagle County very well. The corner over the mountains in the Roaring Fork Valley complains of being under-represented, and of course they are right. Whoever drew the boundaries obviously did not do it with a topo map in hand.Edwards, the county’s unincorporated population hub, often seems over-represented. It’s to the point that the county commissioners are seen as the community’s sugar daddies. They ought to be insisting that Edwards step up and become its own town. But there are just too many votes to be had – or lost – for such tough love.Partisanship appears to have poisoned the commissioners chambers in recent years. It may be more personal than that between commissioners Arn Menconi and Tom Stone. But both at times seem to be playing out of their party handbooks, auditioning for larger roles later.So keep it simple. Eliminate party affiliation for commissioners. Elect them all out of specific districts – if that’s good enough for every body above the commission, it’s fine for this level, too. Increase the board to five to make personalities just a little less of an issue. And then stop there. KISS. Vail, Colorado

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