The power of the body |

The power of the body

Catherine Zeeb, Ph.D.
Vail, CO, Colorado
Columnist Cathy Zeeb

The Today Show recently featured Hoda Kotb as she shared her breast cancer experience this past year. One statement she made, which sparked this column, was that she, and I’m paraphrasing, “never paid attention to her body before.” This statement is a very common one from a cancer survivor, but it is also a common statement for most people.

Do you know your body is full of answers? Do you know that you can wake your body up? Do you know that you can learn to listen to it?

Most of us walk around thinking that our thoughts and emotions are who we are. This is not entirely true. Our body is not just a foreign object, attached at the neck, that we have to lug around. Our bodies are full of knowledge. Our minds hold our experiences, and our bodies hold the energy of those experiences. If we learn to tap into the energy held in the body, release it and learn ways to heal the old energy, our bodies will thrive. If we abuse our bodies with alcohol, drugs, unhealthy foods and different forms of abuse, our bodies will eventually give up. Illness is one way our body “gives up.”

If we are not our bodies, then how can our bodies be full of knowledge? How do we not attach to the physicalness of our bodies? Knowledge is not only from our brains; remember, everything is energy. The knowledge in our bodies is energy, our thoughts are energy and our bodies are energy, so the energy of our past and our present situations and circumstances are held in the body. We can learn to access this information and release it. The more we release the toxic energy the body holds, the likely we are to get sick.

Give the body recognition at least once a day ” take a deep breath and notice if you are holding stress, anger or fear, happiness or joy. If you notice what you are holding is negative, choose to release it in one breath. Ask, in that moment, if this negative energy serves you. Within a few minutes of doing this, check in again and see if you feel a little lighter; if so, you are on the right path. You will not release all your negative energy in one moment so give yourself a break and know that you are going to choose to release a little negativity each day. Choose peace, instead.

When the body becomes ill, it is a wake-up call. We realize how fragile these vehicles are and suddenly pay attention like never before. A client once asked me, “How do you explain what pain is?”

My answer was “you usually don’t recognize or acknowledge happiness and joy, so pain is a way for us to recognize when we are not feeling happiness and joy.” It’s sad to think that we recognize the pain before what feels good, but all challenges, such as illnesses, show up to help us recognize that we are not paying attention the rest of the time.

We can learn to give attention to our body before an illness or challenge shows up. Pay attention today ” pay attention right this moment. What are you waiting for?

Depending on how you view your body, mind and spiritual connection, you are more than this physical vehicle you walk around in. You can change the old way of thinking, think positively, put good things in your body, listen to and understand when your body needs something and listen when it tells you to stop what you’re doing.

Have you done this with food, alcohol or drugs before? Your body is telling you with headaches, shakes, rashes or a variety of other reactions, that what you are putting into it is not working. It is not only what we put in our body as far as food and drink, but also emotion.

The power of the body is amazing. It is here for us to listen to. It is the instrument of the soul. Begin paying attention to your body before an illness makes you. Take the best care of it you can, inside and out. You are unique, your body is unique. No matter what condition your body is in, feel gratitude towards it ” feel the grace of the Divine within you.

Catherine Zeeb holds a doctorate of philosophy in metaphysics. She teaches metaphysical classes at Colorado Mountain College in Edwards. She is also a therapist and minister. E-mail comments or questions about this column to

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