The president goes on a roll |

The president goes on a roll

Don Rogers

Tapping Henry Kissinger (Henry Kissinger?) to lead the investigation into who knew what and when about intelligence lapses before Sept. 11.

Aiming to chip off many of those calcifying environmental regs and reviews so our overgrown forests can be thinned to ease the incredible fire danger.

Continuing to talk stink as if he aches to invade Iraq no matter how compliant Saddam turns with the U.N. weapons inspectors.

Pushing, of course, on his economic agenda – reducing taxes or making tax breaks permanent, mainly – now that he has an election mandate.

“Dr. Strangelove” sure seems like an odd choice to uncover secrets, given his history. Even just over the line into GOP territory as our ideology runs, we’re amazed, even a little appalled.

Taking the edge off the environmental stranglehold on the public lands is almost worth the mirth at their fuming over the very idea that maybe, just maybe, the enviros in their zealotry are responsible for a major environmental problem that will likely continue to play out in giant wildfires.

There’s a middle ground in that issue well short of the vision of entire forests clear-cut (which never happened even in the heyday of logging) and letting them grow too dense.

As for Iraq, tough talk with the absolute sense the presidents is pining for war may yet prove the best of bluffs. Saddam hasn’t paid much attention to us or the U.N. all these years we’ve let him rebuild even knowing what he’s up to, and even letting him decide the inspections were done. Strange way to keep him from becoming a clear and present danger to his region and by extension, the world.

There is no peace with mad dogs, pretty appeasement rhetoric aside. The police action we have in mind would do a lot more for the cause of real peace than demonstrations aimed at keeping the Iraqi people enslaved in fear and the world waiting for that dirty bomb or aerosol-distributed plague. That makes a lot of sense, uh-huh.

GOP no more

At the very citadel of print journalism, or one of the unholy triumvirate anyway, The Wall Street Journal has decreed that the Republican Party will no longer be referred to in the shorthand diminutive “GOP.”

Alas, our people’s collective knowledge of things partisan has atrophied enough that they no longer understand that the GOP stands for Grand Old Party. That or the grandpas running the organization don’t like the reference to “old.”

Looks like PC has finally reached a nadir. Even the very editorial voice of the anti-PCers has succumbed, in appears.


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