The quagmire bunch |

The quagmire bunch

When Saddam was boss, people got hideously tortured.

Now that Saddam is gone from power, people are getting hideously tortured.

Back during Saddam’s reign of terror, defiled and dismembered bodies were hidden in mass graves.

Now that he’s been overthrown, decapitated bodies ” with holes drilled into them ” are being hidden in mass graves.

W. has sure made life grand and Democratic in Iraq. It seems the only difference his

Middle-Eastern excursion has made is about 2,300 dead Americans troops and, by some estimates, between 30,000 and 100,000 dead Iraqi civilians.

There are other casualties ” the U.S.A.’s standing in the world as a symbol of freedom and fairness; its chance of being the first (mostly) benevolent world superpower; the financial security of forthcoming generations of Americans; and any presidential concern for the little guy.

If you don’t think poorer residents of New Orleans were left to simmer in post-Katrina squalor because W. was using what little intelligence he has to play war with Dicky and Rummy, I’ll show you some Iraqi weapons of mass destruction about to explode in Newark.

The real proof this war is a complete failure is that everybody knows things aren’t going well, but nobody ” whether they’re for or against the war ” seems to know what to do to turn this disaster around. Or maybe the proof of failure is that all the ideas ” stay the course, pull out, send more troops, bring some home ” sound really bad.

Bush and his entire inner circle should do the right thing ” and resign. Dicky, Rummy, Condie, Alberto, Chertoff, etc., etc. No previous administration, not even Nixon, has amassed a record of such vast failure and destruction both foreign and domestic.

Everything they’ve touched ” education, the environment, the military, the economy ” has turned to quaqmire. The New York Times said recently some schools are so worried about meeting No Child Left Behind standards, they’re cutting all programs except for math and reading ” that means no art, no science, no civics.

While they’re torturing prisoners in Gitmo, while they’re shooting old men in the face, while they’re floundering on Iran and North Korea, is anybody in the Department of Homeland Security ready for bird flu?

Sounds like another Katrina ” lots of warnings about exactly how bad it might be and how many might die or get perilously sick, but the Cheneyacs who babble so much about their God-given responsibility to protect Americans will once again let Americans die.

And how about global warning? People have been warning us for years we’re ruining our own planet. But this administration has been busy squelching stem cell research and fooling with feeding tubes.

Whoever takes over for W. after he leaves office should bring the troops home. All of them. Right away. Cut our loses and apologize profusely to the world. Staying there will only result in more American death and won’t make life any better for Iraqis. Maybe we should just let

them have their civil war.

And let Iran take over Iraq. Let Iran and Turkey go to war over Kurdistan. So what? It’s not really our problem. President Hagel or McCain should pour the billions saved on war into a massive alternative energy project so we don’t have to depend on the whims of ayatollahs to get to work and deliver food to our supermarkets.

President Giuliani or Huckabee should pour the billions saved by not being at war into our schools and colleges and health care, so American students can drive the innovation behind new forms of energy that will be crucial to keeping the planet habitable; so Americans can pioneer new forms of medical technology ” like stem cells ” to keep our nation healthy.

Then we can export our innovation back to world and instead of W. and his fundamentalist Army telling developing nations we’ll help them as long as they don’t ask for condoms or use our aid to open abortion clinics, we can help struggling nations modernize before they turn into Afghanistan or Iraq; before they’re fed-up young men fly airplanes into our skyscrapers.

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