The race to sell out town |

The race to sell out town

Don Rogers

We’ll have to admit amusement reading Minturn Council-man Tom Sullivan’s assertion that Eagle County surely would approve “Ginnturn” if his town didn’t.The all-too-giddy councilman pretended such a thing would remotely happen for a piece last week in our sister paper, The Vail Trail. But among the lucid, the observation is this: Huh?Oh, doesn’t the rest of the county wish the Board of Commissioners were overseeing this bid for a gated community of 1,700 homes, private ski hill and private golf course spotting up the land between Minturn and Red Cliff.Such a monstrosity would never get off the ground – served by too narrow of a road, blocking key elk migration lanes, junking up some the county’s most beautiful scenery, throwing up a third more mini-castles than Minturn even has people, maybe even trashing an archeological site or two. The county wouldn’t in Councilman Sullivan’s wildest dreams sell out Minturn like that. Makes you wonder why the councilman is so eager to do so. Not that he can ethically vote on the project, having already gotten his $6 million by selling his inn to none other than Bobby Ginn.And if he would commit a violation voting on the project, why does he insist on staying on the council? Town leaders are supposed to be that – not part of the Ginn and Co. sales force.Sullivan’s “logic” for staying aboard is every bit as lame as his wacky assertion that the county would roll over for Ginn.If the people of Minturn are buying this, they are in real trouble. Vail, Colorado

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