The rhythm is gonna get you |

The rhythm is gonna get you

Special to the Daily Shanti Groove jams bluegrass into the Sandbar in West Vail at 10 p.m.

If there’s one thing promoters in the Vail valley have learned over the last few years is that it doesn’t really matter who you book to play, as long as they plan on throwing down good vibes, lots of energy and have a knack for firing up people who want to party. Check out Lyrics Born a couple of weeks ago: Painfully unattended, the Californian rapper brought the faithful close and proceeded to blaze the dance floor to the ground with faster-than-light rapping and a master class in lyricism. He rocked and everyone there knew they had been witness to something special.It’s the same all over, every single band and artist coming to play in Vail are here because people know they are going to get the house bouncing and end the night bathed in a flurry of woops and facing a sea of smiling, grateful faces.Don’t write anyone off, don’t think you need to see “Bad Boys II: Director’s Cut,” and don’t think you need to catch up on your sleep. “Bad Boys II” is so bad it made me want to vomit on the director, and you can sleep all you want in the spring. Four weeks left now kids, let’s not be wasting any time.

Shanti Groove all fresh and funkyNot content with letting bluegrass be bluegrass, Shanti Groove traps the genre like a tame deer. Members twist it to their own diabolical means in the dungeons of their minds and release it back into the wild. The groove remains the same, but it has more power. For those expecting the gentle building rhythms of traditional bluegrass, this band will hit you in the face with a dynamic, evolving soundscape of experimental musicianship that packs a whole bigger punch.Renowned for the energy bursting out from their shows, this five-piece is fresh from recording a second album and aim to flatten the praires of locals with its unique style of bluegrass.8150 plays host to these mountain-grown, grass-groovers tonight at 10 in Vail.

The Last Bus is ready to roll up, rock out When Western Colorado’s mountain boogie band comes to Vail and promises to ram-raid your evening with healthy doses of jam, and or, band you’d better listen. The Last Bus drives up to Sandbar and threatens to nick your sanity on the way out Thursday at 10 p.m..Kiss Army arrival prompts run on face paints and tight pantsTo take the piss out of Kiss Army is really missing the point. Kiss were a band for over three decades, released 32 albums and sold 75 million copies. Flash in the pan they were not. It wasn’t just the ridiculous outfits and not-quite-Gwar makeup-jobs that turned this quartet into the world-conquering rock behemoth that many know today but also a keen ear for a tight riff, thunderous bassline and nifty lyrics.Kiss Army at 8150 Thursday is a night to celebrate this band of garish, rock perfection, so paint yourself, paint your friends and paint the town. White, red and black.

Angie Stevens is quietly getting louderAngie Stevens is an artist that is firmly on the road that all artists must tread but not all complete. Physically and mentally she is transporting herself from South Dakota through Minnesota and Colorado, supposedly on her way to California. All the time her music has drifted between bluegrass, traditional country, vintage rock ‘n’ roll and indie rock until it has ended up as a confluence of them all and a resulting stream of sound that is distinctly her own. Drawing material from family tragedy to the highs of simply being alive, Stevens forms part of an eponymous three piece that sounds destined to be a secret for not too long. She plays Friday at the Sandbar at 10 p.m.

State Radio broadcasts new messageState Radio is a band rising from the ashes of New England outfit Dispatch. Former Dispatch lead singer Chad Stokes formed the band in 2002 after his previous collective dissolved into the footnotes of rock history. A sound that has its roots in reggae and rock, it can veer between punk and acoustic tunes. State Radio is here to set you down a new path, where a focus on the positivity of the future is more important than blame and bitterness from the past. Time to start afresh with State Radio at 8150 on Friday. The White Buffalo brings his blend of melancholy and quiet melody in support.Today – Shanti Groove at 10 p.m. at 8150

Thursday -Kiss Army at 10 p.m. at 8150 / The Last Bus at 10 p.m. at the SandbarFriday – State Radio and The White Buffalo at 8150 at 10 p.m. / Angie Stevens at 10 p.m. at SandbarSaturday -Fools Against Cancer DJ Festival with Steve Thorrell (Kansas City), Mike Sike (Miami) and Billy Shane (NYC) at 8150 at 10 p.m.Vail, Colorado

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