The right employment decision for Vail Valley |

The right employment decision for Vail Valley

Brandon Boseman
Vail, CO, Colorado

There was a big commotion earlier this season about some of the management team at Beaver Creek Sports telling a group of four Argentineans that they would not have work this winter after previously telling them that they would.

The article in the Vail Daily portrayed the managers and the company as heartless, and I think we can all look back now and see that this negative portrayal was unjustified.

There are millions of Americans out there right now who were told that they had jobs wand no longer have them. It’s the unfortunate reality of the current economic environment and a lot of tough, but necessary, decisions have been made all throughout the country.

In a normal winter, the Vail Daily classified section is pages long, but this year you can barely find it.

No one knew last summer how hard we would get hit this winter and Beaver Creek Sports is definitely not the only company in Vail or Beaver Creek that staffed for a normal winter and has since been forced to make some cutbacks.

This group of four (and almost all South Americans who are here in the winter) were on a student J-1 visa that lasts for four months. The J-1 visa recipients are all in college and they come up to our area for what is there summer break from school.

They typically arrive in December and leave in early March. In times like these, I would much rather see local companies look after their full-time, year-round employees as opposed to offering jobs to seasonal college students at the expense of those of us who reside here 365 days a year.

It is not an easy decision, but I think that there is no doubt that Beaver Creek Sports made the right decision.

Brandon Boseman


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