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The right place to build

Vail Daily Editorial BoardVail CO, Colorado

The general idea behind good community planning is to encourage development in and around the urban core of a town. This limits sprawl that nasty concept that we mountain types often associate with places we would be loath to live in. It doesnt make sense, then, to keep 7.3 acres of land in downtown Edwards designated as open space. It makes perfect sense from a community planning standpoint to open the land directly behind Edwards Corner and near the Eagle River Fire Department to development. Its worth pointing out again that the vast majority of land in Eagle County is owned by the federal government and can be qualified as permanent open space. Its also worth noting that infill development basically building on those little open parcels that already are surrounded by lots of buildings and roads is exactly the kind of thing most urban planning types promote. This doesnt necessarily mean that the uber-modern Edwards Condominiums is the best project for that parcel, though we can see how some version of the project developer Remenov & Co. is proposing could fit well there. Certainly, putting workforce housing in the heart of Edwards which the developer is proposing is a great idea. The fire department currently has road access to the land next door, and Remenov & Co. partner Rick Mueller has indicated a willingness to make sure the fire department can still get its firetrucks in and out of the fire station quickly. Eagle County officials should hold Remenov & Co. to that commitment should the project be approved. But first, Eagle County needs to designate that land as open to development.

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