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The dancing lip diva is back with another album of fun she-rock lyrics. She may even let slip a few tips from hubby-to-be on how to be the most amazing athlete, ever. But mostly it’s your A-list trial of love, life and all the tribulations that come rolling along when wondering what your place in the world might be. Sheryl sure has grown since her Cyndi-Lauper-like days of “All I Wanna Do is Have Some Fun,” when nowadays she sings “I Don’t Wanna Know.”

This group’s got all the right something anyway. I mean, not just anybody can have their own Nascar car, as it is the fastest growing spectator sport in America. These guys are rocking out with their you-know-whats-out and making waves across the radio with their new single “Photograph,” which, mind you, is nothing like Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock’s little diddy from a few years ago. With a little nudge from an ex-Pantara member, who knows where this band could go next?

Can you say “modern-day Beatles?” And I’m not talking about the haircuts, kids. OK, and maybe not quite the same fan base, but hey, you’ve got to start somewhere right? So why not with the lyrical sweet drone of past inspiration? These San Diego boys are giving new meaning to British Invasion, with these five songs anyway. Get your peace signs ready and pull out the shag carpet, we’ve got some psychedelia ahead.

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