The Scumfrog returns to Samana Lounge in Vail |

The Scumfrog returns to Samana Lounge in Vail

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Samana Lounge hosts The Scumfrog, aka Jesse Houk, Friday night in Vail. It has been a number of years since he last visited Samana but he’s still remembered for his high-energy performance.

“The Scumfrog is one of the most adaptable DJ’s I have ever come across and each performance of his is unique to the crowd in front of him,” said Samana promoter Ross Cohen. “At this past Burning Man he played one of the most memorable sunrise sets I’ve heard in years in front of thousands of music enthusiasts. The picture from that morning says a thousand words.”

Originally from the Netherlands, The Scumfrog has worked with pop and rock legends including Annie Lennox, Cyndi Lauper, Sting and David Bowie, creating remixes of some of their most popular tracks. He is constantly keeping up with some of the freshest hits and has toured the world many times over.

One important reason why The Scumfrog manages to stay on the forefront of the latest trends in electronic music is because he spends hours each week sampling new music for his weekly radioshow/podcast Glam Scum International.

Ever since the show’s inception in the United States on Sirius Satellite radio, Glam Scum has received acclaim from DJs and music lovers and quickly built up a massive audience. In 2009 the show split from Satellite radio to start international licensing and the podcast version Glam Scum International launched on iTunes. Currently, in its podcast version alone, the weekly show is downloaded by more than 17,000 people each week. Stream or download the episodes at

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Even though Houk has played many festivals over the past 10 years (Burning Man being his favorite, he said), he makes it very clear that he prefers smaller venues with great sound systems. He is currently planning his upcoming tour in support of the new album. The tour is said to incorporate live elements that put The Scumfrog on the map as a performer: His percussion playing and his own live vocals on top of his music.

Local artist Kirby will start the night out with a combination of deep house and tech house.

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