The separation of sex and state |

The separation of sex and state

Jeffrey Bergeron
Vail CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyJeffrey Bergeron

If Barack Obama becomes our next president it might be credited to kinky sex.

Not kinky sex on Barack’s part. I don’t think there have been any revelations of that. We’ll have to wait to see if a “Swift Boat Veterans against kinky sex” movement develops.

The allegations of peculiar sex were directed against Jack Ryan, Obama’s Senatorial opponent in the 2004 election.

Ryan was lauded as the “Conservative Jack Kennedy,” He was a self-made gizzillonaire, handsome, articulate and, years ago, he had quit his fat-cat job in order to teach inner-city high school. By most reports he was a good man, fiscally conservative and a formidable opponent. It was suggested that Ryan was the future of the GOP; he was handsome, hip, an alumnus of Dartmouth and Harvard. Plus, he had really nice hair.

Conservatives came out of the woodwork to endorse him ” Jack Kemp, Newt Gingrich and Dennis Hastert all threw their considerable political poundage behind him.

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Many could not help but compare Ryan to Ron Reagan. Like Reagan he was handsome, likeable and articulate and then there was that hair. And, in addition to all those fluff attributes, Jack Ryan was a good man whose political and character strengths could scare the Birkenstocks off liberals like me.

Except for one thing.

During a messy divorce from his first wife, five years earlier, steamy allegations were made. One being that Ryan brought his wife at the time to a sex club, intending for them to mate in public. Now to be more specific, there was no mention of orgies or infidelity, only that Ryan wanted to make love while others watched.

I’d like to go on record by saying I would never do that. I don’t even like to ski beneath a crowded chair lift.

It should be noted that Ryan’s wife fought to keep the records sealed. During the time of the divorce and during the election she maintained that her former husband was a good father and a good person. She did not back away from her charge but insisted it was a personal matter that she regretted bringing up during the divorce.

Various media outlets sued to have the divorce records released. When the news of those allegations broke, Ryan’s support eroded and he withdrew from the race leaving Obama to run against a last minute replacement of radio talk show host Alan Keys who managed to only get 27 percent of the votes.

So there you have it. Obama went on to possibly be our next president and Ryan faded from the publics eye.

I’m conflicted.

On one hand I’m happy for Obama’s rise to prominence. It would be amazing if ” just in my lifetime ” our nation went from one with segregated public facilities to one where a black man is president. I don’t know who would be a better president Clinton or Obama but I believe either would be preferable to our current commander-in-chief.

That is my biased opinion.

It is also my belief that a person’s sex life has little to do with their ability to govern for the simple reason that when it comes to sex, some humans are tweaked.

You can take almost any object off the shelves of Wal-Mart and someone will consider it a sex stimulant. Greater minds then mine are baffled by the prevalence of homosapien abnormalities, but the bottom line is many humans are just weird.

Having said that, it is my position you can be an otherwise moral, normal, honest and competent person and still get aroused by a toaster.

I don’t believe that sexual tastes or proclivities of a potential leader should disqualify them.

For instance, say you were going to undergo a serious operation and there were two doctors who could perform that surgery. One doctor liked to go to sex clubs and was a brilliant surgeon; the other liked to go to church but was a little clumsy. Provided both washed their hands before cutting into your body, which doctor would you rather perform the operation?

Our founding fathers were careful to maintain a division between church and state, the pity is they did not draw that same line between the state and the bedroom.

We do not have to approve, condone or imitate our leader’s infidelities, fetishes or sexual predilections. Like a surgeon, mechanic or the guy who plows your driveway, we pay them to do a job.

In the case of Jack Ryan, our nation’s habit of keeping our eyes on the keyhole of our leader’s bedrooms worked out for Obama and the Democrats, just as it benefited the GOP with Bill Clinton. But in those cases, and in many more, we could have robbed our country of competent leaders. We are asking them to run our government, not to date our sisters …

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