The Sessh releases ‘Fressh’ in Vail Friday |

The Sessh releases ‘Fressh’ in Vail Friday

The Sessh is releasing their debut CD with a release party Friday night at the Sandbar in West Vail.

The Sessh has a new album, and tonight you can hear them play it, along with a bunch of other stuff.

It’s “Fressh, Vol. 1,” The Sessh’s debut album and the first of a series of CDs that they hope to release every six months or so.

“They’ll focus on different genres of music, but not stray too far from our established sounds,” said Cristian Basso, bass player.

Bassist Basso and drummer Roy Burki played with the local group Little Hercules. Trevor Jones from Frogs Gone Fishin’ joined on guitar.

The music is nuanced and eclectic, but has a driving electrofunk feel.

“There was a vision of what I wanted to accomplish musically and to do that at a local level,” Basso says. “I brought both Roy and Trevor in for different reasons, but in both cases their musical ability convinced me that they would be the right people to put the project together.”

Everyone has been involved in other projects, and they steal time for each other to make music. While the music is powerful and high tech, their practice space is decidedly low tech, a heated barn where they can be left alone to work out material.

“We were starting to dabble in some of the studio production we wanted to bring to our live shows,” Basso said.

The trio uses vintage instruments and electronica to form what they call “electro funk.”

The musical roux uses funk-rock and soul flavored ingredients from New Orleans as well as early ’70s funk, hip-hop and driving rock.

Basso also wrote and produced The Royal Peeps, “Alessia’s Walk” CD (Contra Basso Music, 2010) that continues to receive air play in the U.S. and Europe.

The Royal Peeps is fronted by The Meter’s Leo Nocentelli, along with other musicians from around the country. With both bands he uses computer software to manipulate the band’s sound.

Tonight’s show will be a celebration for us and for the valley, Basso says.

“There are a lot of good musicians here. For people to be able to spend time together is such a precious commodity,” Basso said.

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