The smart decision with ‘Brain’ |

The smart decision with ‘Brain’

Don Rogers

President Bush showed good judgment selecting John Roberts. The soft-spoken nominee for the Supreme Court mollifies the conservative base, makes the lefties who have been spoiling for a fight look silly, and will keep the “Gang of 14” moderate senators from filibustering. For now, at least, the choice looks brilliant. But then, there is a long gantlet in the Senate yet to run before Roberts gets his chance to don the robes.Now it’s time for the president to exercise similar good judgment and send Karl Rove on his way. Oh, and Scooter Libby, too, while he’s at it. Technically, Rove may not have broken a 1982 law that somewhat narrowly defines the type of covert CIA agent for whom it would be a crime to out.But Valerie Plame was in fact under cover nonetheless. Rove should not have told any reporters about her – tempting as it no doubt was to expose her husband, ex-diplomat Joe Wilson, as lying about how he came to be the one sent to Nigeria to check on a report that Saddam Hussein was trying to buy nuclear material for weaponry.The president’s clever campaign “Brain” displayed an incredible lapse in judgment, as did Vice President Cheney aide Libby, in talking about Plame with journalists.The question is this: How could they NOT know better? Bush’s better judgment was his original vow to fire any aide caught leaking such sensitive information. Changing that vow to the legalistic promise to fire anyone in the administration who committed a “crime” is a dodge unfitting of a Man of his Word.President Bush needs to keep his word. For the best interests of this country. Vail, Colorado

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