The Snowshoe Shuffle Story |

The Snowshoe Shuffle Story

The Snowshoe Shuffle began in 1994, with 175 participants and 25 volunteers, and today is recognized as the “largest snowshoe race in the country.”The Shuffle now assembles a field of over 1,000 participants – arriving from over 26 states, Canada, and Europe.This extraordinary event would not be possible without the help of hundreds of community-minded volunteers from Eagle and Summit Counties.70% of participants run in honor of someone who has suffered from cancer, survived cancer, or lost their life to cancer.5% of race participants are cancer survivors themselves.Over the last nine years the Shuffle has raised funds to: provide equipment and resource materials for the Shaw Regional Cancer Center Librarydevelop prevention and wellness initiative seminarsprovide free early cancer detection exams for women in the Colorado mountain communitiesprovide hundreds of mammograms and ultrasounds to underserved womendistribute free educational materials community wideThis unparalleled race continues to gain acclaim and recognition, receiving publicity in nationally distributed magazines, with a combined readership of over 12.1 million readers.Vail Valley Medical Center collaborates with over 15 media outlets on a local and state level, including radio, television, newspaper, monthly publications, as well as internet exposure on various websites – total exposure is estimated to be over 1.5 million people in Colorado.

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