The sound of one side warring |

The sound of one side warring

Don Rogers

The economy still in the tank, or at least not out of it as yet. Forecasters beginning to fear a “double dip” to the recession. Did we ever really get out of it?

The airlines, instead of recovering, are going bankrupt or hinting at it. Plenty of Vail Vallians seem oblivious to terror, or why maybe they ought to cut back on watering their lawns, but enough others still fret and fear worse to come.

Letting the warlords do the dirty work in Afghanistan allowed the bad guys to melt away across the border in Tora Bora, possibly including our man Osama on a horse or a mule, still iconic for all too many Muslim zealots, and still very dangerous – dead or alive.

Is our current dominance in that tattered region – calling it a country stretches it – really pyrrhic? We seem so far to be able to live a little longer and in greater numbers than the former Russian occupiers of Afghanistan. But are we really winning a war there? Or just being waited out?

Yeah, right

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We as a community definitely think we’re going to wait out the drought without much if any sacrifice.

Anyone who has lived through the real thing in California, that singular horrid place, knows our response thus far is largely to fake it, to pay lip service – if that – to a supposed lacking of water.

Hell, the restaurants still bring glasses of water to the table unbidden. During real droughts, that stops at about the time everyone begins plunking bricks in their toilet tanks and counting their showers by the seconds – no baths.

Lovely and lush gardens are still winning awards in Vail this summer, oblivious to real life to the end. In place of leadership, prizes.

Water authorities for the mid- to upvalley have so far done somewhat worse than nothing to get a handle on their clients’ water use these past months. Yep, big drought year, and the demand spikes instead of declines.

We’re not conserving, we’re wasting more than ever.

When will the water authorities realize they are not being taken seriously? What are we saying about ourselves as a community? The answers right now are not pretty.

A goof

We erred a couple of days ago in this space listing the Holy Cross as one of the agency’s concerns while searching for an acceptable front cover for the forest plan.

The religious implications did not come up, we’re told, in a further clarification of the story of the quest for the cover that would offend no one.


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