The spirit of Vail |

The spirit of Vail

Michael Robinson

Vail Daily, Vail Colorado COWith the uncorking of champagne bottles almost upon us, the Vail Valley Chamber & Tourism Bureau is excited to ring in a new year that is already off to an upward start.The many changes the VVCTB announced towards year-end of 2006 will impact who the VVCTB is in 2007 and the type of organization it will evolve to in the years to come. While all these changes are interconnected, one announcement enables the others to take place; that announcement being the VVCTB’s move to Traer Creek in Avon from its current location in Vail Village. As discussed in previous columns, the VVCTB recently adopted a new set of by-laws calling for committees, councils, task forces – groups which require dependable meeting space. Currently, the VVCTB office is not conducive to hosting meetings due to space limitations and access challenges. The difficulty of parking at our current location is also a hindrance for our ability to welcome businesses and visitors.The move to Traer Creek solves these hindrances so the VVCTB can be an equal partner to its business partners. And despite the many positive outcomes linked to the VVCTB office move, there has been some concern that our departure from Vail may negatively impact the town of Vail.In addressing this concern, it is important to distinguish the reality from the perception.The reality is that the new office will allow the VVCTB to serve the valley in a bigger and better capacity. The move was a business decision. Simply, new infrastructure was needed to allow us to deliver more relevant programs, serving a greater purpose to the overall business community. The new office will better ensure fair, equitable representation of the Vail Valley – which is in the best interest of Vail as it is Avon, Edwards and Gypsum.The VVCTB’s relocation does not in any way disregard the Vail brand – what Vail means to the valley and its impact on the overall brand. Avon may be the heart of the valley, but Vail is the cornerstone of the brand. To reinforce this organization’s respect for the Vail brand, I am pleased to provide the first clue as to what our new name will be. The VVCTB’s new name, to be announced at our annual gala on Jan. 26, will have “Vail” in the title. The logo will also be symbolic of Vail. “Vail” will be printed on our business cards; “Vail” will be on our office sign, greeting visitors and partners as they enter office. The move, if anything, brings us closer to the Vail identity rather than distracting it from us.The VVCTB staff will be proud ambassadors of this new look and feel, which will be associated with the Vail trait. Vail has and will always be part of the VVCTB’s brand essence. We walk, talk and breathe Vail every day in the business we do and the after-business-hours activities we partake in. We will work with Vail as we do all other valley communities. The move of our facilities is symbolic of future things to come – a more progressive, more united Vail Valley. A new year signals new programs, new opportunities and new reasons to embrace change that will have a positive impact on the entire valley. Our professional staff and Board of Governors wish all businesses in our valley a most prosperous new year.On the topic of new years, tune to FOX News Channel on Dec. 31 to see Vail as the featured mountain state in FOX’s coverage of New Year’s Eve celebrations across the nation. The VVCTB worked with the town of Vail and Vail Resorts to secure FOX’s selection of Vail. The national coverage will allow thousands of viewers to share our beautifully choreographed ski down, fireworks display and get a sense of the true Vail spirit.Speaking of Vail spirit, this week we all joined with national mourning of President Gerald Ford. I’ve spoken much about the brand and its impact on our collective business community today and previously. The brand of Vail and of the entire Vail Valley owes a debt of thanks to the President and Mrs. Ford, who embody all that is great about this region. President Ford’s spirit and enthusiasm will live forever in our valley and we must all challenge ourselves, every day to live up to his memory of integrity, common sense, and wholesome values. Oh behalf of the entire Vail Valley business community, the VVCTB send its thought and prayers to the Ford family during this difficult time.Michael Robinson is the president and CEO of the Vail Valley Chamber & Tourism Bureau.

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