The state we’re in |

The state we’re in

Don Rogers

Our big league newpaper colleagues are flummoxed (always wanted to use the word in print; it’s right out of “The Thousand Words to Use Before You Die; yes, “Vail” is in this book, too).Anyway, flummoxed. Circulation has been sinking for the past 50 years about as fast as global warming has been raising the world’s temperatures.The august New York Times has been scandalized by a reporter who wrote so many lies over the course of about a year that the executive editor and the managing editor had to resign under fire. The lesser but better selling USA Today had to can its top writer because it turned out he’d been doing the same for a couple of decades. Yep, their editor left, too.Oh, and the indignity of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfield crowing that he knew about the prison abuses at Abu Ghraib before the press did. That forms the seed of a cover story in one of the trade glossies, for chrissakes. Oh, woe. How did the fella who runs the military manage find out about the military abusing Iraqi prisioners before the reporters did? Must be a crisis of the news media. Huh? But worse than all that, half of America thinks journalists tend to be liberal. Egads. We know this thanks to various polls and conversations with ardent watchers of Fox News, who just might actually believe that swill about “fair and balanced.”But then, ask the typical journalist, and he or she will deny their liberal leanings, opting for, well, “fair and balanced” as the more apt description.Not in this corner, of course. We think conservatives are off their rockers and liberals are flat out nuts. A pox on both. We, on the other hand, truly are fair and balanced. Not only that, but we can use flummoxed in print and even spell the word right.It’s also the best description of the state newspapering is in. D.R.Vail Colorado

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