The stove beat the green bug |

The stove beat the green bug

Melanie WongVail CO, Colorado
AE SnowDaze Dummies 1 DT 12-8-07

GOLDEN PEAK – It was everything but the kitchen sink, and it made a colossal explosion. An electric stove complete with pots, pans and even a wok, mounted on a pair of skis, went careening down a ramp at the base of Golden Peak to win the second Dummy Gelunde World Championships. Dummy Gelunde is a sport of sorts, where teams of three people create dummies that are strapped to skis or a snowboard and then launched one at a time through the starting gate, down a hill and toward a kicker to the finish line. The dummies are judged on creativity, quality of the jump, quality of the blowout during landing and crowd response to the run. No explosives or propellants can be used in the dummy or during the run, and absolutely no live organisms are allowed in the competition. The winner gets a $3,000 prize provided by the Vail Daily.

This year, the competitors included two toilets, a giant green bug and an Army tanker.Each contraption went down the slope, some with more finesse than others, and most went flying over the snow ramp. What mattered, of course, was the crash.Some, like the Army tanker, complete with a cutout soldier sticking out the top, bounced and split in several pieces. Others, like the Timber Ridge employee-housing team’s dummy on a toilet, splintered on impact – the seat actually made it all the way down the hill to where the crowd laughed and “ooed” with every launch. The winning stove contraption belonged to the Krueger family from Eagle-Vail. They had an old stove they couldn’t sell, so instead of hauling it to the dump, they rigged it onto skis and hoped to capitalize.”It feels great to win,” Karl Krueger said. Their stove was the last run, so they had time to figure out the best way to launch it.

“It definitely helped to go last,” he said. “We were trying to figure out the right trajectory the whole time.”The family will split the prize money with two men from the crowd who helped them push the stove up the hill to the start line. The rest will probably pay for baby-sitting, Pavan Krueger said. Spectator Jaime Spero had her bets on the large, six-legged, green bug with bulgy eyes from team AT&T.”That green thing. It’s got good crash potential,” she said.The bug got great speed and bounce, losing its head and end section upon impact, but did not crack the top three. The Bridge Street Bandit, created by Vail residents Brooke Franke and Brett Gagnon, had a good run, too. The ’80s-style skier flew down the hill with a cape and faux million-dollar bills sticking out his jacket. “Someone has robbed the West Street Bank in Vail several times, and this guy is still on the run,” Gagnon said. “Maybe there will be enough money to buy off the judges.” The Bandit got great air, crashing in a flurry of bills.”If we won, it would at least pay for parking,” Gagnon said.

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