The Strange Boys bring garage rock to Vail |

The Strange Boys bring garage rock to Vail

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The Strange Boys really aren’t that strange at all. They’re just normal kids who love music and love playing it even more. OK, so they’re not kids anymore, but The Strange Boys range in age from 21 to 25, and only recently has it been legal for all the members to drink while playing in bars. Ryan Sambol is the band’s frontman with his brother Philip backing him on bass. Drummer Matt Hammer and key masher Greg Enlow round out the lineup; together they create a sound reminiscent of classic garage rockers like The Kinks and The Kingsmen.

What started out as a punk band has evolved into a more straightforward rock ‘n’ roll outfit, Ryan said, and much of the band’s sound comes from whatever records they’re listening to at the time.

They are about to launch an extensive tour of the states with a stop in Vail Tuesday night to play a gig with another Austin band, The Black Angels. This will be their longest tour to date, Ryan said.

When it comes to influences, Ryan said it’s the names you’d expect: The Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan, Muddy Waters and Bo Diddley to name a few. But they’re not wholly influenced by other artists “real life plays a big factor in his songwriting, too.

“There’s been plenty of times that influences have been completely unmusical. Let’s say you were hanging out with anybody, whether it be a girl or a boy or a girlfriend or a friend and you have some kind of a memory with them and they leave and then I’ll just pick up the guitar and start playing,” Ryan said.

That earnestness comes through in many of The Strange Boys current tracks like “Nothing” and “Happily In Disbelief.”

And like any family venture, disagreements and fights do occur, but blood is truly thicker than water in the world of The Strange Boys.

“I’m sure we’re just like any other brothers. I don’t know. It’s easy when you want it to be easy and it’s extremely difficult when you make it extremely difficult. It’s pretty much like any other close friends, like Greg and Matt are just as much brothers ” it seems like that. There’s nothing that’s going to split you up that much and you can be extremely angry at each other for a few seconds without even saying a word and then you have to be friends again … It’s kind of like a marriage thing ” we’re not going to get divorced.” Ryan said.

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