The Things They Carry – p 2 |

The Things They Carry – p 2

Nicole Frey

Marki Sindlinger, Battle Mountain High School ” Fort Lewis College in Durango

Yarn and a stuffed elephant named Herbert.

“I knit everywhere ” at home, in class. It’s relaxing.”

Kate Van Hee, Battle Mountain High School ” Southern Methodist University in Dallas

Saddle, soccer ball, cleats

“I would bring my skies, but there aren’t any mountains in Dallas. I’m bringing all my clothes.”

Whitney Allard, Battle Mountain High School ” Fort Lewis College in Durango

Jewelry, including rings and necklaces, running gear

“It’s stuff my dad made for me.”

Conner Drumm, Battle Mountain High School ” hasn’t decided on a school yet, but it’ll be somewhere he can play basketball

Music, including The Fray, Dave Matthews Band and Dispatch.

“I’m bringing a couple thousand songs. Uh, no, maybe more like a few hundred, mostly on my computer, but I’ll bring CDs too.”

Megan Brooks, Battle Mountain High School ” University of Colorado at Boulder

Dance shoes, letters from her grandfather

“Well, I need my dance shoes because I’m going to be on the dance team, and my grandpa wrote those letters to me before he died, so they’re really important to me.”

Vail Colorado

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