The Things They Carry |

The Things They Carry

Hanna Nelson, Eagle Valley High School ” Southern Methodist University in Dallas

A collage her AP English class made, photo albums and her i-pod

“I’m bringing them to remember my class and the fun I had. On days when the city makes me a little sad and I miss home, I’ll have that.”

Taylor Telling, Battle Mountain High School ” University of Colorado at Boulder

PlayStation, comforter

“I’m bringing the PlayStation so my sister can’t play ” and the blanket, it’s pimp. Sleeping is my life.”

Stephany Walker, Battle Mountain High School ” Miami University, Ohio

Scrapbooks, photo, belongings from her room.

“I take pictures of everything. It’s been a big part of my life the last four years, so I have to have those with me just to make my room more ‘me.’ Going to a new place and not knowing anyone or never being in that dorm before, having pictures all around me will make it more like what I’m used to.”

Kyle Moore, Battle Mountain High School ” Denver University or the University of Kentucky

Red Sox stuff

“I just can’t live without it.”

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