The things they say |

The things they say

Don Rogers

Oh the things that irk us. Tourists pulling to a stop in a roundabout. Drivers poking along certain sections of Highway 6. Motorists going too fast for the conditions. The help speaking another language to each other.Parking woes. Whether senior citizens should ski for free or at least volunteer a spot of their time for the privilege. Gas prices. Restaurant service. The gall of a teenager to throw a fit in a liquor store because he can’t buy a six-pack.Gripes against government, of course – municipal, state, national – for everything including whether enough snow is falling. The school district. Vail Resorts, which might as well be the government, right? The newspaper editor for having all the wrong views. Oh, and mag chloride is a favorite of one chronic Tipsline caller who might be drinking the stuff himself. How could we forget that?This is the standard fare of Tipsline, the call-in forum. No one ever reads it, yet even its most pointed critics can recite the past few chapters word for word. It’s dumb, it’s funny, it smarts and sometimes someone actually says something of real value. As with voting, a Tipsline caller does not have to leave his or her name. Naturally, that sets the establishment types frothing. Sacred cows occasionally are gored. Critics can be scathing. (Which is why so many people “don’t” read Tipsline, no doubt.)Yes, Tipsline is edited – to the same standards of libel, language, private vs. public issues, overt racism and so on as letters and columns. Some don’t make it to print. But just being mean, or stupid, doesn’t disqualify a call or letter. Better to deal with our issues – great and petty – out in the open. D.R.Vail, Colorado

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