The trouble with turning |

The trouble with turning

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Private lessons are expensive. They always have been. So, when I’m assigned to work with a young child, I bend over backwards to make the parents feel that their money was well spent.On this particular day, I had a private lesson with a young boy who was under the impression that the only way to ski was to go straight down – with no turns. After many unsuccessful attempts at exposing him to some skill other than “schussing”, we ended the lesson in defeat.Frustrated and embarrassed over my lack of success teaching the boy how to turn, I was trying to imagine how I was going to explain my failure to his parents.As we skied up to the boy’s parents, the youngster inadvertently rescued me by yelling, “Hey Ivan! I ski as good as you do now, except you know how to turn.”- Ivan Madar, Arizona SnowbowlWhat’s it to ya’ When I was a supervisor at Dollar Mountain, I skied up to a group of 5-year-old beginning students that were groveling over having to learn how to ski. To add a little levity to the situation, I growled at them, “Hey, what are you gumbaws doing?”One precocious young skier looked me straight in the eye and said, “What’s it to ya baldy?”- Chuck Coiner, Sun Valley, IdahoVail, Colorado

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