The truth about crop circles |

The truth about crop circles

Bob Fiske

Some of you may have heard about Doug and Dave, the two elderly Englishmen who admitted having gone out in the fields of England at night, and using some very rudimentary tools, produced strange, circular formations by pressing down the stalks of the crop that was growing.

A very few of you know about the scientific studies, and the amazing discoveries trained researchers are making in their investigations of crop circles.

Nancy Talbott of the BLT Research Team has collected thousands of samples. “Of the approximately 350 crop formations sampled and studied in the lab … fewer than 10 percent appeared to be man made.”

Noted U.S. biophysicist Dr. William Levengood, also of the BLT Research Team, has been working with soil and plant samples taken from crop circles since 1989. Levengood’s research has shown that “whatever is doing these formations is affecting the fundamental biochemistry and biophysics of the plants.”

One change noticed in the crop samples was the increased length in the nodes, which are joints in the stalk that hold water. In many of these samples the nodes are exploded outward, indicating that the water in the node had been heated hot enough to blow out. Bugs have been found fused to the plants by this same high heat source. The seeds from plants within the circle often appear stunted, but when planted with seeds from plants taken from a control group outside the circle, the stunted seeds grow faster.

BLT’s researchers believe these changes are caused by high levels of electro-magnetic or microwave energy.

Also found embedded in the plants within the crop circles is space dust, small microscopic particles of matter believed to be meteoric in origin. Much of this space dust is iron, and plants have become magnetized by it. Another mystery is that these microscopic iron particles are sphere shaped, indicating that the particles were melted in a weightless environment.

This stuff is way beyond Doug and Dave.

Then there are the strange balls of light that have been seen and videoed around crop circles. These spheres appear to be about the size of a basketball or beach ball, and have been seen in day or night. They are believed to be composed of plasma energy, but are they under intelligent control?

Perhaps, for even the crop circle hoaxsters have seen the lights, and were chased out of a field one night by them. People taking photos around the formations often find bright bursts of light on the developed picture. Small orbs of light also show up on photos, including some shot at Stonehenge.

Since the crop circle phenomenon was first reported on in the United Kingdom in the early 1980’s, formations have gone from simple circles to enormous, geometrically complex creations that defy explanation.

Crop circles have become a worldwide phenomenon, having appeared in fields in the United States, Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Israel, Australia and New Zealand.

But their home appears to be in southern England, around the ancient Druid ruins of Avebury, Silbury Hill, and Stonehenge, in the hills of Wiltshire, that many of the most intricate and complex designs were created. Already this year 32 crop circles have appeared in England, and some of them are extraordinary.

Some crop formations have been recognized by Hopi Indian medicine men that said that the Earth was sending us a message that all was not well. Another formation showed the reverse image of an ancient Tibetan symbol of healing and well being called the Antahkarana. One researcher speculated that the reverse Antahkarana meant that all is not well.

Other formations show knowledge of geometry, physics, astronomy, and ancient symbols. By the way the stalks are bent, the formations often have a three-dimensional look when viewed from the air. One researcher slept out in a field one night, and between midnight and 5 a.m., two formations, one over 1,000 feet long and the other 500 feet long had appeared in the field. Over 70 people have reported seeing crop circles formed, and most agreed that the formations appear in 15 to 20 seconds.

This is a little too fast for Doug and Dave.

So who is making these mysterious crop circles? Some people in the field believe an extraterrestrial intelligence is involved because the space dust found embedded in plants at crop circle formations have also been found at CE2s and UADs. CE2s are Close Encounters of the Second Kind, where there is a UFO sighting with physical evidence. UADs are Unusual, Unnatural, Unexplained and Unsolved Animal Deaths, or more commonly referred to as “cattle mutilations.”

UFO sightings continue to be reported worldwide at the rate of about 100 per month, and these are just the reported sightings. Currently there is a wave of UADs and UFO sightings going on in Argentina. Over 100 animals have been mysteriously killed, with body parts being removed with surgical precision, the cuts being cauterized so they don’t bleed. No tracks are found, either human or predator. And strange lights are being reported moving silently through the night sky in high speed, zigzag maneuvers.

Through the summer and fall of 2001, 15 cattle were mutilated in the Great Falls and Cascade County area of Montana, while in Eagle County, Colo., 37 head of cattle mysteriously disappeared around the isolated community of Burns.

The Great Falls area was the scene of an earlier wave of UADs and UFO sightings from 1974-77. Animals were being found with body parts surgically removed, most often an eye, an ear, tongue, flesh around the jaw, udders, sexual organs, and the rectum cored out.

No tracks were found, and even coyotes and other scavengers avoided UADs. Many animals simply disappeared. During this time period the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office recorded 67 UADs in the area, 109 UFO reports, and 63 reports of mysterious helicopters being seen. Many of the reports came from police officers and military personnel at nearby Malmstrom AFB.

On the night of Nov. 8, 1975, there was an intrusion alarm at a Minuteman ICBM underground missile silo outside of Malmstrom AFB. A two-man security team dispatched to the site found a glowing UFO as “big as a football field” hovering silently over the silo. Ordered to move in closer, the team refused.

As the UFO began to climb, it was picked up on radar and jet fighters scrambled after it. As the jets approached the site, the security team saw the UFO blink out. After the jets left, the UFO blinked back on, and continued to climb out of the atmosphere.

When the Minuteman missile was checked, it was found that its guidance memory had been erased. This incident is reported in Air Force documents released through the Freedom of Information Act, and through witness statements.

UFOs and UADs, like crop circles, are a reality. They exist. They happen. That they can all be linked by microscopic space dust to what appears to be extraterrestrials is hard for anyone to accept unless you have educated yourself to the overwhelming evidence that UFOs are alien spacecraft visiting our planet, and appear to be behind the crop circles, UADs, and of course, alien abductions.

If by examining the evidence you come to believe, as a lot of people have, that all this is true, you might also come to believe that there is a government conspiracy to hide all of this from the American people and the world.

You might find yourself believing that the stories about Roswell and Area 51 are true also, and that there is a secret government that spends billions of our tax dollars on research and development projects so secret that officially they don’t exist. But this is a whole different story.

The truth is out there for anyone who cares enough to look, but it can really boggle your mind. Are extraterrestrials really behind all these strange events? And are the crop circles just one of the signs of alien contact?

It’s much simpler to believe that Roswell was a weather balloon and UFOs don’t exist, that people who claim alien abductions are crazy, that UADs are the work of coyotes and natural predators, and that the intelligent forces behind the crop circles are really Doug and Dave.

What do you think?

Bob Fiske of Vail has studied crop circles and the UFO phenomenon for the past two and a half years. He believes the government and even the national media may have hidden evidence of extraterrestrials visiting Earth.

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