The upside of higher gas |

The upside of higher gas

Higher gas prices, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways: More expensive airline tickets will limit the tourist who fill up the restaurants, crowd the slopes, fill the “beds.” This, of course, will eliminate the need for higher taxes to pay for the larger jail to house illegals as they will cease coming as there will no longer be a need for maids, busboys and cheap labor. The market will be eliminated for more affordable housing and/or employee housing. We can eliminate the transportation center and all those buses since there is no one to bus. And, this lovely valley will once again belong to a few handful of people who can still afford to live here and they can frequent the restaurants “in season” again if there are any restaurants or shops still surviving.

Ron Moos, Eagle

It is a common axiom that the character of a man can be judged by his mentors, confidants and friends. So let’s look at those associated with Barack Obama:

Bill (“the mad bomber”) Ayers ” the weather underground terrorist. Obama said he knew him only as a neighbor and teacher when, in fact, they served together as paid directors of the Wood Foundation.

Frank Marshal Davis ” a writer and communist activist. Obama tried to downplay the influence Davis had on him as a young man. However, Davis’ advice to him as he entered college was, to quote, “black people have a reason to hate. That’s just the way it is. You should not start believing what they tell you about equal opportunity and the American way.”

Tony Rezco ” the Chicago politician under indictment for corruption and a longtime friend and main fundraiser throughout Obama’s career. Obama first implied that he barely knew the man but it was later revealed that Obama represented Rezco as his lawyer, and further, Rezco helped him with the purchase of his $1.6 million home.

Jeremia (“God damn America”) Wright ” the anti-America racist who claims the United States was responsible for the African AIDs epidemic and the Sept. 11 disaster. In his speeches, Obama bragged about his intimacy and 20-year association with Wright, and in his own book he says that Wright had a central influence on his life. The statements about AIDS and Sept. 11 may have been isolated sermon rantings, but if one reads his magazine “Trumpet” there is no doubt that his religion is political, his attitude toward America is bitterly hostile, and he has a fundamental problem with capitalism, white people and “assimilationist” blacks.

Michelle Obama ” certainly his closest confidant. She who has never been proud of her country and blames a prejudiced and “downright mean America” for making her pay back the student loans she acquired from Ivy League schools. She is blatantly anti-business and has urged young people not to join corporate America. Great, an America without corporations!

Obama’s main campaign theme is “change.” Chavez, Morales and Ahmadinejad also campaigned and were elected with the same theme and promises. Do we really want their kind of change in this country?

Neil Muncaster, Vail

The recent spate of scare mongering articles the Vail Daily has been running regarding the high water dangers that exist on our local rivers follow a common theme that exists at a local and national level, that is, the lack of accountability.

As a competent river user with many years of experience, I am able to use my own judgment to decide when and where I can navigate a river. Adventure activities, by definition, carry an inherent risk. If the outcome was a certainty the journey would be worthless. Are we going to demand the ski fields close every time someone takes a fall?

I have a great deal of respect for many of the rafting companies in the valley, but it does seem as though a minority are consistently having trouble. Are we going to tar the reputations of all the companies for the incompetence of one?

I think it’s time to forsake some potential advertising revenue and let the public know the truth so that they can make an informed decision. Is that not the purpose of “journalism?”

Beth Anderson, Frisco


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