The Vail Trail’s "New Dawn" |

The Vail Trail’s "New Dawn"

Laura Chiappetta

The Vail Trail is celebrating its 40th Anniversary!

Over the last 10 months the staff and I have discussed, planned and prepared ways to share the first 40 years of The Vail Trail with our readers. Several ideas were discussed at a staff retreat we held this fall. The rules were simple – no idea is too crazy. We will bring those ideas to you from now through March 2006.

In today’s paper you will see The Vail Trail’s first edition reprinted for your enjoyment. In October 1965, The Trail was eight pages and showcased the construction going on in the town, and the personalities and businesses of Vail. George Knox, Sr. “The Skipper” had been in the advertising agency world prior to moving to Vail. He decided the developing community needed a way to communicate all that was going while Vail was built. His vision started Vail’s first newspaper. In that first year during shoulder seasons, The Vail Trail came out monthly and then weekly during “high season.”

Forty years later, The Vail Trail is still alive and kicking. The community has grown, new challenges have arisen and life in Vail has evolved. As a community, we are experiencing Vail’s New Dawn, the redevelopment of many of those original properties chronicled in the October 1965 edition.

The Vail Trail is evolving with the needs of the community, as well. We are no longer a newspaper. Our focus has shifted to environmental and social issues in this valley. This year you will see us continuing to evolve into a lifestyle magazine with features that will be entertaining and thought-provoking.

It is normal for a business to go through different phases in its lifespan. Although many would say The Vail Trail is at maturation, we look towards the future in a revitalizing mode much like our namesake Vail.

Join us on this exciting journey as we celebrate being 40 years “young” and loving every minute of it.

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