The value of kooky ideas |

The value of kooky ideas

Don Rogers

Talk up an outlandish idea, like, say a highway tunnel under Vail Mountain, and harumph! drowns out the conversation from there.Man on the moon? Harumph!Computer replace the typewriter? Harumph!World Wide Web? Harumph!Cure for cancer? Harumph!Build a ski resort in the Gore Creek Canyon? Harumph!Hah! Can’t be done! Where do these ridiculous ideas come fromanyway?Well, it’s called the imagination, wellspring of every human development from before the wheel.Can you imagine the harumph! that followed the suggestion that cracking a couple of rocks together might ignite fire? Hides as clothing?The real divide of haves and have-nots lies in the ability to think up kooky, ground-breaking ideas. Just understand that pulling these things off comes after someone dared think of them, and tell others.OK, Jim Lamont may not quite match Jules Verne, who probably came up with the strange notion of seeding clouds atop his aventures beneath the sea and in the heavens.And making a tunnel of I-70 isn’t even so outlandish. Just a little expensive.Go ahead. Cluck. Shake your head. Have a good laugh. And congratulate yourself on your solid grip on the ground. But it’s the dreamers, and then the even kookier doers who advance the species.One “impossible” feat after another. Vail, Colorado

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