The von Trapps return to Beaver Creek |

The von Trapps return to Beaver Creek

Caramie Schnell
VAIL CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily

The von Trapp kids – Sofia, Melanie, Amanda and Justin – have grown up on stage. The foursome are the great-grandchildren of Captain von Trapp, father of the famous singing family depicted in the 1965-musical “The Sound of Music.”

They’ve been touring for the past 10 years and Thursday’s show in Beaver Creek marks the sixth time they’ll take the Vilar Center stage.

“For the last 10 years we have really experienced some amazing things and performed in some incredible countries while essentially, growing up,” said Amanda von Trapp, 20. “Eleven years of our lives have been devoted to this crazy adventure and we still learn far more than we can handle about people, nations, and the overwhelming power of music.”

The singing siblings took the time to answer a few questions for the Vail Daily.

1. Vail Daily: Tell me about your new album “A Cappella.”

Sofia von Trapp: “A Cappella” was inspired by our love for a cappella music. We found that of all the styles of music we sang we really loved the raw and honest sound of voices without instruments. It really allowed us to focus on our ability to blend with each other. Our grandparents were known for their blending which was somehow passed down to us. Something in the genes I guess! “A Cappella” is the first album we produced ourselves … It was so much fun, we learned a lot, and we are really happy with how it turned out.

2. VD: What are you working on now?

Melanie von Trapp: Right now there are so many projects and directions we are looking into for our music. Concert and touring related, there is a month tour in China later this year that is being put together, as well as possibly Malaysia, the Philippines, and other Asian countries. We are throwing around ideas for a new album and a new show, so it’s quite an exciting time for us! We are looking forward to bringing everything to a whole new level.

3. VD: How many times have you performed in Beaver Creek? Any memories stand out?

Melanie von Trapp: This will actually be our sixth time performing here in Beaver Creek. Obviously we love it here! We were so happy to find out we were coming back this season, and always feel honored to sing at the Vilar Center. Aside from having the time of our lives skiing for a few days, we love walking around the town and discovering the shops and meeting people from around the world. Beaver Creek is a beautiful place. One great memory was singing for the New Years’ night skiing ceremony with all the green lights coming down the mountain. That, or singing for our ski rentals!

4. VD: How does your touring schedule affect your education?

Melanie von Trapp: Initially we were all home schooled so our tour schedule was possible. We toured typically nine months out of the year so a traditional school schedule was not going to work. Through high school however we did have a tutor who we would correspond with by email and when we were home. Online classes were also a part of it. Last year we all took a year and tried to make college work with shows just on weekends. It was a really hectic schedule. Sofi was in Boston, I was in Pennsylvania, Amanda was in Ohio and Justin was going to a great high school outside of Chicago. Sofi and I were both studying music along with some business classes. Amanda was studying government.

5. VD: I read that you spent a few months teaching music at a Rwandan orphanage. Tell me about that experience.

Melanie von Trapp: Sofi and I were connected to Rwanda through friends of ours. We left for Africa and spend those two months teaching at an orphanage. Through all the years of singing and the places it took us, Rwanda was the most significant for all of us I’d say. The people and country were so beautiful especially after the genocide in 1994. Amanda and Justin came later on and we were able to sing the Rwandan National anthem for the President and he loved it so much that he gave Justin a cow! The president and the people, through hard work and forgiveness, have really brought Rwanda to its feet again. It is the seventh fastest growing economy in the world currently and the cleanest nation in Africa. We have been back multiple times and have to admit that the time spent there has changed our lives.

6. VD: Tell me about how your relationship with God influences your career.

Amanda von Trapp: In the very beginning of our touring, we would also sing in churches as well as art centers, which was something the older generation did while they were on the road too. God has a major part to play in our decision to sing and to keep singing.

7. VD: As four siblings surrounded by each other 24/7, do you all really get along?

Amanda von Trapp: Yes, we get along very well because we are practically all best friends. We decided that if we were going to be around each other that much, we would have to get along to survive.

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