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The Wildflower

Melanie Wong

For Wildflower Executive Chef Rahm Fama, success is measured by the look on a diner’s face as they take the first bite.

“I like to see people smile. It should be food with thought, that makes you go ‘Wow! That’s neat,'” he says.

To get those reactions, Fama has stuck with clean, bright flavors presented in creative ways, such as a colorful dish of fresh watermelon complimented by a dash of salt, a spray of lime and topped with a sprig of greens.

“I like to keep it simple and let the food do the talking,” he says.

Step into the Wildflower’s sunny, inviting dining room and expect an innovative menu featuring fresh, seasonal dishes. True to its name, the restaurant is brimming with flowers and decorated in an elegant country style.

Fama’s summer menu is pared down in size, but not in flavor. Start off your meal with wild Alaskan salmon topped with caviar, shallots and sliced quail egg.

The dish is colorful and dazzles the taste buds with punches of saltiness and texture. Move on to the main course and try the Idaho trout wrapped in crisp, shredded potato strings. The fish falls apart in your mouth and provides a delightful blend of textures, especially when served with dainty scallops swimming in chive oil and lemon-butter sauce. Wildflower’s rendition of Colorado lamb won’t disappoint. The tender, juicy roasts are wrapped in prosciutto, encrusted with pistachios and served with a gem of a cheddar-encrusted mashed potato. Pair it with a robust 2005 Chateau Guillou Bordeaux.

Whatever you do, don’t skip the dessert. Taste every layer of the light and elegant blackberry and earl grey mousse cake. Or indulge a bit and try the beignets filled with tart, lemon custard and served with the creamiest whipped cream and blueberry comfit. So savor every bite and take in every flavor ” as Fama says, the meal should be an experience.

“You eat three times a day, and how many of those meals do you remember? It should be fun,” he says.

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