The worst |

The worst

David Le Vine

Bad enough that he lied to us in order to justify starting a war.

Bad enough that he’s not interested in the the predicted effects of global warming.

Bad enough that he doesn’t care about universal health care.

Bad enough that he can’t be bothered with Social Security.

But what he’s doing to the economic future of this country is worse! He surely must understand that when the government doesn’t balance the budget, they have to borrow money. When they have to borrow money they compete with the private sector and the added demand for investment dollars drives interest rates up. That reduces the ability of the private sector to expand their businesses and create jobs.

The creation of higher interest rates also reduces the ability of individuals to buy houses and cars. Furthermore, the interest on that debt becomes a substantial line item in future budgets that requires payment by our children, and it makes a continuation of our annual deficits more likely.

We get all of this because our president says, I’m cutting taxes and that becomes to hell with the budget deficit and the future.

And our inept Congress says, OK with us. And our wealthiest citizens say, Hurrah for you.

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