Theater review: Girls Only The Secret Comedy of Women |

Theater review: Girls Only The Secret Comedy of Women

Jen Miller
Vail CO, Colorado
Denver Center Theatre Co./Terry Shapiro

I just returned from a wild and hilarious night out with the girls. No, it didn’t involve bars or Chippendale dancers. In fact, it didn’t have anything to do with men at all. My daughter and I, along with a roomful of other women, had very special invitations to a party ” one that celebrates all aspects of being a woman ” the wonderful, the mysterious and the bothersome. We went to “Girls Only ” The Secret Comedy of Women.”

Since my husband blushes handsomely and ducks his head at the mere mention of the word “tampon,” my oldest daughter, Brittany, offered to go with me. We walked inside the Garner Galleria Theatre, delighted to find a full bar, which offered wonderfully girly drinks such as the First Kiss, Hot Flash and Pink Panties. Brittany and I ordered two Brazilians, which came in souvenir martini glasses, and walked on in to find our seats. The theatre itself had transformed into a fairly intimate setting with four women seated around little tables, which were all facing a bedroom, which could have been my own, during my growing up years. In this bedroom were two women in their underwear, sitting on the beds, chatting and flipping through magazines.

Brittany was slightly apprehensive about this production, not knowing what was going to happen and whether it would involve utter embarrassment. For many 23-year old women, there are still quite a few mysteries of being a “grown-up” woman, such as childbirth and menopause, that are better left unsaid.

The lights went down, and the action on stage began. There was singing and dancing ” such as the hilarious Dance of the Sugar Plum pantyhose, to which we could all relate. There was shadow puppetry, the one part with which I was not impressed. There was honest talk of the diaries we all kept as teens, puberty, adolescent heartbreak, pregnancy, menopause, periods, boobs, slumber parties, breastfeeding, and the intricate secrets of the contents of women’s purses. In fact, in one funny skit involving audience members, several women fell victim to having their belongings exposed, and the items used in imaginative and humorous ways.

My daughter and I both agree that our very favorite was the segment on what to do with leftover feminine products once menopause arrives and they are no longer needed. The entire room was howling with laughter at the many creative uses of tampons and maxi pads. I could see women taking notes on these for future reference, but alas, I forgot my notepad.

For Barbara Gehring and Linda Klein, who wrote and starred in this production, nothing was off limits. Similar to a true night out with your closest girlfriends, the ladies examined, discussed and poked fun at every stage and aspect of womanhood. The result is a truly funny, relevant and meaningful show for women of all ages ” a show that celebrates that which bonds all females together. It is a show which both my daughter, who can now face those womanly mysteries with a little more humor, and I highly recommend.

Due to popular demand, the show’s run has been extended at least through April 12.

What: Girls Only The Secret Comedy of Women, two-woman comedy

Where: Denver Center Garner Galleria Theatre

When: Through April 12

Tickets: $29 and up

More information: Call 800-641-1222 or at

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