Theft and debauchery in Avon |

Theft and debauchery in Avon


AVON, ColoradoWhatever version of the lascivious events you believe happened among three men beneath a tree in an Avon, Colorado park on Dec. 13, theres no escaping its disturbing qualities. The reports are conflicting, but the framework for a Law & Order episode is all there. According to the police report, a heavily-decorated man was walking home from a local bar around 1:30 a.m. when he was greeted ungraciously by what he described as two dark-skinned, long-haired men standing near a pine tree in the parking lot. They grabbed the man and stole his bling some gold and silver rings, a necklace, a watch and his cell phone. It wasnt until the next day the victim reported what happened, the reason being he was scared. He told police the men appeared to be Honduran, and hed probably be able to spot them if he saw them again.After some door-knocking and interviews around the apartment complex, police were able to find the two alleged robbers, plus a third man who was hiding the jewelry in his apartment. But what the two alleged assailants said happened that night left a big hole in the victims story, prompting police to investigate further. According to one of the Hondurans, he and his friend saw the man in the park and he offered to pay the two with his jewelry if theyd have sex with him. Apparently, the bargain was too much to resist, and the trio headed under a pine tree to consummate the deal with oral and anal sex, the police report said. The man also told police that he used to date the victim. The other man under the tree said he left when he started being touched by the victim. Another interview with the victim revealed that he did in fact date the one Honduran man, but claimed he never knew his name. He went on to say that the sex that night was not his offering. According to him, the two men approached him wanting sex, but he denied them. Then he was robbed, he said. The reason he didnt initially tell police all these details was because hes gay and he felt embarrassed, the man told police. Police determined that the two Hondurans who allegedly robbed the man were in the country illegally and the case was taken up by the states immigration unit. The one not sexually involved that night was charged with robbery, while the other man was charged with robbery, prostitution, domestic violence, contempt of court and false reporting to the authorities. The man who was hiding the jewelry was charged with theft by receiving.

AVON A similar incident occurred the next day, leading police to believe the two cases are related. At around 2 a.m. on Dec. 13, a man showed up at the police station with his right eye red and watery. He told police he was walking home from a friends place at Eaglebend Apartments when two men, who he described as Mexican looking, approached him. They asked him for a cigarette then kicked him to the ground, he told police. They kicked him in the face several times and left, he said. The case was initially closed, but re-opened after the previous nights incident at a nearby parking lot, because police think the cases could be linked.

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