Therapy provider at Eagle senior care center now offers lymphedema therapy |

Therapy provider at Eagle senior care center now offers lymphedema therapy

Daily staff report

EAGLE — Centrex Rehab, the therapy services provider at Castle Peak Senior Care in Eagle, has expanded its therapy services to include lymphedema therapy. Lymphedema therapy includes manual lymph drainage, as well as compression wrapping, to treat ongoing swelling in the arms, legs or body. Therapists must undergo special training and certification in order to provide lymphedema therapy.

Traditionally, lymphedema therapy has been used with people recovering from cancer to treat impaired lymph systems. It can also be helpful for people recovering from surgery or with poor circulation.

“Swelling after surgeries like joint replacements can slow recovery. A few treatments with a lymphedema therapist can decrease the swelling so that muscles can function more efficiently sooner in the healing process,” said Sarah Walker, physical therapist and rehab director for Centrex Rehab at Castle Peak. “We’re very excited to have lymphedema therapy available for both Castle Peak residents and outpatient clients.”

In addition to lymphedema therapy, Centrex Rehab offers physical and occupational therapy that specializes in dynamic aging, vestibular rehabilitation and therapy for neurologic conditions such as Parkinson’s disease. Centrex Rehab accepts Medicare, Medicaid and Kaiser Permanente. To make an appointment, call 970-432-1123.

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