There arent as many bogeymen as you think, Vail Valley |

There arent as many bogeymen as you think, Vail Valley

Michael KurzVail Valley PartnershipVail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado One of our Vail Valley members called the other day to ask me to lunch. I was suspicious. Normally when that happens theres an issue to be discussed. I thought that was the case here. Times are tough, everyones struggling to one extent or another, so I set the time aside for a serious discussion about what I can do for them, better, bigger, faster or right.It didnt come down that way. We talked about citizenship and family and backgrounds and Colorado and Vail and all that, for almost the entire lunch. So, of course after gobbling my food and getting ready to take thorough notes on their grievances, I waited patiently for the other shoe to drop. Again, it didnt come. Now I was really worried. Was it going to be about something I did or said, something my associates did or said, or didnt do? Had they heard rumors about my demise or an egregious social faux pas I committed at apres? To my surprise and delight it was none of that. It was about a great new idea to generate business, reinforce the already substantial quality of their brand and set the stage for a rapid recovery when it comes. Cool. They even asked my help, which I gladly gave and will continue to give.Some personal observations. First, Im not spending enough time with the courageous, energetic, creative and enthusiastic people here, and there are many. I guess we would all do well to do more of that. Second, when youre sincere and reach out to help folks often enough, sooner or later, youll get the chance. Finally, my hide is getting too thick. When I was in basic training my drill instructor told me during a live fire exercise during which I fine-tuned my flinching reflex, Dont fret Kurzy, youll get used to it. You know, I think he was right. If you hear negative stuff long enough, you do get used to it. Maybe even expect it. I shouldnt be that way and after my wonderful lunch with my new friends, I chastised myself. Yes, its good to learn to duck when bullets are shrieking over your head, but I need to remember some of the other important lessons Ive learned.Here are a few: Business is tough. Unpleasant things are a part of it, but not all if it. Not everyone is going to like you, or what you do, or whom you do it for, or with. Bad things and bad people are to be overcome. You have to give someone permission to ruin your day. Dont give them permission. A lot of people are cool and worth spending time with and helping in whatever way you can. You may reap what you sew, but it wont necessarily happen when you want it to. Vengeance is not yours to wreak. Besides, it takes way too much negative energy and most bad guys get whats coming to them anyway. If your philosophy isnt all about onward and upward, youre going to spend a lot of precious time being angry, depressed or sad.So, pick up the phone right away when it rings. Yes, it could be the bogeyman but it could be someone who just wants to take you out for pizza.Events update April 8, 5 7:30 p.m., Ask the Experts: Current Issues Facing Employers, at the Vail Valley Partnership offices and free to members. RSVP to Ruthie Carlson, 970-477-4001 April 15, 5 7 p.m., Business After Hours Mixer, Lift Flooring in Eagle-Vail. Partnership members only. April 24, 5 8 p.m., Blue Jeans & Lobster Post-Season Networking Party, Vail Chophouse. For tickets, call Ruthie Carlson 970-477-4001. Theres limited seating, but all are welcome.

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