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‘There’s a potty at the top’

Compiled by Allen R. Smith

Many years ago, I taught skiing at a small area called Perfect North Slopes. Perfect is a lovely, family resort with the intermediate slopes facing the main lodge at the bottom of the mountain. In the main lodge, skiers could find such services as a cafeteria, rental shop and men’s and women’s restrooms. A large sundeck swept around the outside of the building.During most of the year, the snow would accumulate high enough to be level with the sundeck. This made it easy to ski off the sundeck onto the hill. Or, vice versa.One Saturday afternoon, I was teaching an intermediate class, made up of a half dozen teenagers. Perched on the slope facing the lodge, we were practicing our wedge christie turns, when one of the boys lost control and began speeding down the hill. The entire class screamed at him, “Sheldon, sit down! Stop!” But the boy kept gaining speed.By the time he reached the bottom, he was completely out of control and heading straight for the sundeck. With no way to stop, he skied up onto the deck and faced his next obstacle: the main lodge.Fortunately, a woman watching the impending disaster had the good sense to open the door to the men’s room, giving the boy an additional 10 or 15 feet to slow down.Clearing the deck, Sheldon screamed into men’s room where he slammed into the wall, breaking both of his arms in the process.A large crowd gathered at the scene while medical personnel stabilized the lad for his ride to the hospital. After nearly 30 minutes, they carried Sheldon out of the men’s restroom with his splinted arms shooting up in the air.A woman lunching on the sundeck watched the catastrophe from beginning to end. With a disgusted look on her face, she turned to her husband and said, “Earl, I don’t know why everyone’s in such a hurry these days. Didn’t the boy know there’s a potty at the top?”- Rudolf Parzer, Cincinnati, OhioVail, Colorado

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