There’s no need to rush |

There’s no need to rush

Don Rogers

Yes, time is running out for the Tom Stone-Michael Gallagher majority on the county Board of Commissioners. But that doesn’t mean that decisions now need to be rushed.Relax, take your time, think things through and most importantly, make sure the public has a fair chance to weigh in fully – that’s the best advice. There’s not a thing wrong with letting matters slide naturally to the next board of Stone, incumbent Arn Menconi and Peter Runyon, whom we trust will march in lockstep with no one.That ambitious new fairgrounds pavillion wouldn not be ready by fair time if it were approved yesterday. Observers who pay fairly close attention to the county government found the appearance of fairly far-advanced plans for the nearly $2 million structure surprising. That shouldn’t be. Even if the public is fickle, the constituents should have a little more warning about what’s looming over the horizon, as well as a chance to think about and comment on the grand design.Likewise, the commissioners ought not be knocked off stride by the annual holiday rush of developers who think the end of the year is a great time to push their plans. Fred Kummer is a bit notorious for this by now, and sure enough, here comes his latest for Frost Creek, which proved surprisingly palatable to Eagle town officials who have managed to resist his various plans for the upper Brush Creek Valley for, oh, a few decades now.In a way, the sudden agenda appearance this week of a rather fully planned out “Eagle County Land Trust” (yes, the county already has the private Eagle Valley Land Trust, which is doing just fine, thank you) offered some hope. Questioned, the board agreed to hold off until Jan. 6 before talking about it again. That’s more like it. Vail, Colorado

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