Theresa Cummings: From Corporate America to Vail |

Theresa Cummings: From Corporate America to Vail

The stories of those who end up moving to Vail are as varied as the colors on the mountains around us this fall … and just as amazing. An abbreviated synopsis of my own transition: Katrina victim (life belongings reduced to a few suitcases), replanted in Fort Lauderdale to work as a commercial insurance agent. I could never seem to regain my footing post-Katrina and had become a rat in the rat race. In that race, as the saying goes, even if you win, you’re still a rat!

The fast-paced metropolitan life consumed me, encased by the constant “straight commission” drive to sell the next insurance policy. Ten to 12 hours a day followed by dinner, cocktails to calm the nerves, television to distract the mind from which policy would be up next on the calendar to pursue, and then an attempt at recovering some sanity through sleep.

I was surprised to be presented with the opportunity to stay a few weeks in a timeshare at the Eagle Point Resort in West Vail. It was suggested that I get out of high-stress Corporate America and take this opportunity to start over in a less driven culture. Starting over again at age 52 wasn’t very appealing until Fay arrived, then Hannah, and then Ike, which was headed straight for south Florida at first indication. Nearly 10 days away, the population entered into the hurricane panic dance that I’ve been all too familiar with. As the population of the Florida Keys was evacuating, I was on a plane to Colorado, belongings in two suitcases and an old car left behind.

Funny that in four weeks of living here, I could nearly write a book on this unique place and its unique population. Perhaps I will. As a published author and avid reader of Vail Daily, I e-mailed Don Rogers and asked if Vail Daily would be interested in sharing a series of articles about my transition here and he welcomed my input.

As such, I will begin at the beginning, which would be a young man by the name of Seth Myrick. He is one of the front desk staff at Eagle Point and was a frequent contact in my first two weeks here. Seth is quite remarkable, and I’m not easy to impress! With bright blue eyes, an infectious laugh, and relentless energy, he gave specific attention to my circumstances, putting time and energy into helping me through the maze of transition.

Because I spent quite a bit of time at the computer in the lobby seeking employment, I was able to observe his interaction with the guests. Seth has a way of making you feel most important, even if you’re only asking for driving directions! He is consistently attentive, even with the occasional irrational cranky guest. One day, the lobby was so intense with activity, it was as if he was holding out a staff and parting the Red Sea! Well, that may be a bit overstated, but I think you get the gist of what I’m saying.

Beyond that, he is a wealth of knowledge beyond his years. I remember asking him what he knew about the Continental Divide. His dissertation on its formation, activity, and importance on our continent, sounded like a college professor. When I asked him how he knew all that, he said he’s interested in the world and has a knack for absorbing information. (Shouldn’t this kid be running Microsoft or something?) I subsequently found out that I could ask him for information on just about anything and get an intelligent and informative answer.

Although a die-hard skier, he doesn’t work to ski, as has been the case of many of the “ski bums” I’ve met here, but both works and skis to the best of his ability.

Although I’ve since moved on to other housing, I still will call Seth if I have a question, any question and he’s never bothered by the call. Over time we may lose touch, but I will never forget Seth Myrick and, as such, never forget Eagle Point Resort.

Next week … meeting the bus drivers of Vail Transit.

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