They did what? |

They did what?

Kathy Calton

“County adds Speakout! to advertising budget.” What a shock! How many of us believe that the county commissioners voted this way out of fea and not that they actually believe that they would get the most response from their advertising dollars?

I would venture to guess that they choose this out of fear of legal repercussions. We have seemed to have allowed Mike Cacioppo to control our county out of fear of frivolous lawsuits. We have allowed him to waste our tax dollars and take money from our children and their education.

Last time I checked, we were able to advertise in whichever paper or media that we wanted, we were able to display whatever newspapers we wanted to and even call some of them horrible and toss them out if we choose to.

But it seems that we have lost these liberties in the world of Mike Cacioppo. Mike Cacioppo stated that maybe the most recent Speakout! could be the last. Could we be so lucky? I would like to know was it because of money and so he bullied the county into advertising to keep it afloat.

Maybe Mike Cacioppo needs to look in the mirror and realize that people and organizations choose to boycott him and his paper because they just don’t like him or his views. Last time I checked we all had a constitutional right to think and feel this way.

Kathy Calton

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