They keep on passing us by |

They keep on passing us by

Andrew Harley

Pack the club. The Pharcyde plays 8150 tonight at 10.

The Pharcyde is a duo these days, consisting of Imani and Romye, aka “Brown.”

Though the Pharcyde lost “Fatlip” in 1997, and later Tre “Slimkid” Hardson to solo careers, they bring more than 10 years of experience to the stage as part one of hip-hop’s most influential groups of the 1990s – collaborating on hits like “Can’t Keep Running Away,” “Passing By,” “Drop” and “Otha Fish.”

And Imani and Brown haven’t lost their will to create, as they’ve been up in the lab assembling a new album called “Humboldt Beginnings” – which is set to be released in June.

The Pharcyde recorded the album on their new record label, Chapter One Entertainment.

“Fire can burn or it can warm depending on your past knowledge of how it should be handled,” said Romye in the Pharcyde’s most recent press release.

Despite some criticism of the Pharcyde’s last album, “Plain Rap,” the group has continued to explore new territories in hip-hop.

“I take all the destructive values and make it into a positive energy,” said Romye. “It’s like being in a wheel chair and told that you would never walk again, I do not think there would be a day that I would not try. Why not? Quitting never sat too well with me and people saying that you can’t do this or do that adds wood to the fire. I’m focused.”

The Pharcyde starts things up at 8150 tonight at 10.

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