Things could be worse |

Things could be worse

Don Rogers

OK, this is ridiculous. The perfect end to the perfect season.Some dude underdressed for Rio de Janerio slices the liner, which drains the skimming pond at Vail on a cold, dreary Saturday. So the thing is rescheduled for Sunday. Warm, sunny, perfect Sunday. Can’t beat that. Even malfunction turns out well this year.Early snow, middle snow, late snow. Snow, snow, snow. People could not even pick out their favorite powder day this year, with so many of them.Half of Vail is torn down for rebuilding, and business for all but some of the small shops in the shadows of the construction was super. All this and for another week, you can golf AND ski in good conditions for either.If this is all too happy and optimistic for you, there are things to worry about, too.Small businesses in Vail are struggling more than they should, considering the overall bounty of that community this season.Bookstore, music store and movie theaters – community staples in important ways – have closed or are closing. This is not a good sign for Vail’s future. That and a petition drive aimed at stopping a development that would ensure a theater remains in town, along with bowling alley, ice skating rink, public plaza and promise of bringing life to a part of Vail that is starved for it.And there’s the specter of global warming. For all the wishful talk and plans to boost summer, winter still dominates. But this year, anyway, things could be a lot worse.Vail, Colorado

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