Think of ‘ordinary’ people during Vail Valley’s downturn |

Think of ‘ordinary’ people during Vail Valley’s downturn

Toby Mower
Vail, CO, Colorado

Regarding “Vail’s recession plans in place” (Feb.18) and “prominent” citizens helping Vail through the recession made me chuckle.

The “ordinary” citizens of Vail also have been hit by the recession. Vail needs to help itself by thinking of these citizens as well.

At the beginning of the ski season, Vail literally bragged about having the most expensive lift tickets of any ski resort.

This occurred while the recession was going on.

Vail also is one of the few ski resorts that do not offer senior discounts at the ticket counter.

Its excuse in the past was that those seniors that came to Vail to ski were wealthy enough that they didn’t need senior discounted tickets.

These, the same seniors who came with their own children and grandchildren in tow and had to pay full rates. This was, and still is, the thanks the seniors get.

Unfortunately, these very same people were hit in their retirement plans, stocks, etc., by the recession.

I truly believe that Vail has to look at the ordinary citizen and think of his or her needs in order to get through this recession.

When one reduces prices instead of increasing them, people respond differently.

Granted, Vail has reduced its costs for ski lessons, and if one is from out of town and is savvy enough, he or she can find discounted lift tickets on the Internet.

But what about those who don’t use the Internet (yes, there are still those individuals) and come here to buy at the lift ticket office?

The problem with using “prominent” citizens to help them out of the recession is that most prominent people forgot what it was like before they became prominent.

Toby Mower

Beaver Creek

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