Think out of the box in Eagle |

Think out of the box in Eagle

Cynthia Ann Bellini
Eagle, CO, Colorado

I have been reading numerous articles (pro and con) for ERS. I have a close friend who lives in Telluride, and although she has been in real estate for a number of years, she is for sustainable, balanced growth in the Telluride area and sits on various committees which address growth issues in the southwest corner of our state.

This is the time in our history to think out of the box and have expansive visions which do not imitate our past. The Eagle community has the opportunity to act as a role model in a new form.

For instance, how about enticing small, sustainable companies to move their businesses here? How about replacing ERS with a sustainable community ” wind farm, energy, technology, etc.? Are we living in the dark ages? Eagle can bring in more revenue by taking a bolder approach. I raised my children in the Roaring Fork Valley. They now are raising their children in the Vail Valley. What is in this for them? Will it provide a better quality of life?

I agree that shopping centers will be going by the wayside, and now is the time to utilize our resources in more balanced and thoughtful ways for future generations to come.

Cynthia Ann Bellini


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