Third of four Pietrack boys geared to graduate |

Third of four Pietrack boys geared to graduate

Cindy Ramunno

The Pietracks of Eagle have always had testosterone oozing out of their house, but things are going to get a little more even when their third son, Andrew, graduates from Eagle Valley this month. Parents Dave and Christa have four sons and a female Chinese pug named LuLu. Andrew’s oldest brother, Mike, is 26 years old and earning his Masters Degree this spring, and his older brother Bob ” who’s 24 ” will graduate from Fort Lewis College this spring. Mike is also engaged to be married. Three degrees and an up-coming wedding will have the Pietracks busy as usual, but come next fall, with 12-year-old Nick entering seventh grade, the Pietrack home will be a little calmer and will have equal amounts of testosterone and estrogen ” if you count LuLu.

Andrew spent the first seven years of his life in Las Vegas. The Pietracks then moved to Eagle, and he’s been in the same house on Golden Eagle ever since. His older brothers were the guys he looked up to, and Andrew knows that he has Nick’s eyes on him. “My parents have always preached how our little brother(s) are always watching ” and to do the right things and make good choices because they are watching,” explains Andrew. He adds that those statements have always worked for him since he wants Nick to be proud of him.

If you know the Pietrack boys, you know that Mike and Bob were and are extremely competitive in sports ” and in the past were involved in just about every sport for the Devils. Mike has always been intense; Bob funny and smart; Nick is also funny and a little laid-back. Andrew is different: He’s way laid-back. They share some of the same qualities and all of the same values, but they are also very different. But they all love baseball and when the World Series is on television, they get their favorite dinner and get to eat in front of the game ” something mom Christa would not normally allow. “Mom is very patient and she is awesome,” says Andrew. “She understands how important the World Series is to all of us.” Andrew has played baseball for many years, and plays second base.

Ahhh, brothers. “Mike would really look out for me,” says Andrew. Bob was closer to his age, so teasing was not unheard of. And the little one is not always the innocent one. “I would bite my arm hard enough to make a mark, and then blame it on Bob,” laughs Andrew. Although they have all been together a lot lately, when they are it’s always fun. “I really like hearing about their college experiences,” says Andrew.

Future plans for Andrew include attending Mesa State College this fall to major in business or sports marketing. Dad Dave has mixed feelings about his third boy leaving. “Andrew is my best friend. We read the same books, we talk a lot about everything,” says Dave. The two have many common interests, and Andrew says that his Dad is great at letting him talk through his problems and work those problems out on his own. “My dad is great at having me work out my problems through just me talking, but in the end I see his influence in many of my decisions,” says Andrew.

Mom Christa has also been a huge influence. With four sons and a husband, she is remarkable calm and always happy. She has maintained her beauty and femininity while raising the boys. She also has an amazing sense of humor and always has a good story to tell. “I love my children and husband so much ” I get such a pleasure from them,” Christa says. That explains her demeanor. At Brush Creek Elementary (where she works), you’ll see her braiding the hair of a third grade girl or helping a first grade girl adjust her dress, and you wonder if maybe she regrets not having any daughters … but those thoughts disappear fast when you hear her talk about her boys. She’s a Tom-Mom all the way.

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