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30 pounds of pot nets 100 days in jail for California man

Selvin McKay says he was asleep and Stephanie Alegria was driving when the pair were pulled over on I-70

Selvin McKay was sentenced to 100 days in jail and four years probation for his part in carrying 30 pounds of pot and other products at 98 mph along I-70 through Eagle County.
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EAGLE — Selvin McKay learned that it’s a monumentally bad idea to be in a car rolling along Interstate 70 at 98 mph, especially if it’s carrying 30 pounds of pot and pot products.

District Court Judge Russell Granger sentenced McKay, 30, to 100 days in the Eagle County jail to reflect on that life lesson. He’ll also do four years probation to make sure that lesson sticks.

McKay says he was asleep and Stephanie Alegria was driving. Since they were moving at 98 mph, they popped up on Deputy Devan Salazar’s police radar. He spied large duffel bags in the back of their rental car and asked if he could search them. At first, the pair refused, but after he jiggled the zipper on one of the bags and spied lots of pot, they relented.

Among the products found: 30 pounds of vacuum-sealed marijuana packages weighing about 1 pound each, 300 3.5-gram containers, 300 vape pen refills, one jar of wax, 540 rolled blunts and 48 4-ounce bottles of THC syrup. The whole load was worth about $150,000.

McKay said they were transporting the load from California to Chicago for a military veteran purportedly named Chris, whose mother was fighting cancer.

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“That’s a lot of cannabis for a cancer patient,” Chief Deputy District Attorney Joe Kirwan said.

“I really don’t have a substance abuse problem. It was stupid, I know,” McKay told Judge Granger. “What I did was wrong, I know. I was doing this as a favor for this person, and they were pulling my heartstrings.”

Judge Granger told McKay he was being “gullible.”

“My impression is that you are a decent person who made some bad decisions,” Granger said. You are at a crossroads and you could go a direction that would not end well. I’m going to do everything I can to keep you out of trouble.”

When McKay met with his probation officer he tested positive for cocaine. He told Granger it was the first time he had done it.

His co-defendant Alegria was sentenced to probation.

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