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This Bev’s for you

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

The world’s mega-brewers got even bigger this week with the announcement that Anheuser-Busch, the country’s biggest beermaker, had accepted a buyout offer from InBev.

Does it depend on where the corporate headquarters is located? Does it depend on how many of our fellow citizens a company employs? Or is it a matter of whether or not a company can enrich ” or, these days, deflate ” the value of your investments?

Don’t look here for answers. All we know is that big companies seemingly do what they will, wherever they choose. It’s all a matter of efficiency and building value for stockholders.

Products from cars to computers to playing cards usually have a mixed heritage, which can frustrate those looking for truly domestic products.

Global companies ” no matter where headquarters may be ” are more worried about efficiency and stockholder value. If a factory or brewery has to be shuttered to make the numbers better, so be it. Effects on communities play a secondary role, if that. Even so, Bud does employ quite a few people in our state, for now, so buying those products does keep some money local.

But for those who truly want all-American ” or all-Colorado ” products, you need not look far. There are plenty of small breweries in Colorado, and we’re just getting into the season for farm-fresh produce. Those are companies we can easily get to know. And, if anyone’s interested, most of those company presidents are just a phone call away.

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