This election’s important, too |

This election’s important, too

Don Rogers

Election season has just about arrived. This is an “off” year, so perhaps you don’t care so much. You should.The most important election item has more significance for Eagle County residents than last year’s rather dispiriting choices for president. That’s the package of state measures known as Referendums C and D.A flaw in the TABOR amendment limiting taxation will have the state short $400 or so million while also obligated to send us $100 or so state tax refunds next year. Higher education and road work funds are at critical lows, which will harm all of us if we don’t allow the state to keep the refund for the next five years. This plan makes enough sense that all but the most ardent conservatives is asking voters to approve C and D. Eagle County has one serious election item – “home rule” – and one that’s inconsequential, a smoking ban in restaurants and bars outside towns. It’s inconsequential because the market is moving rapidly to non-smoking establishments without the fuss of another law to presumably be enforced.Home rule is the short hand for a push to change the number of county commissioners from three to five. To get to that sensible number, there’s a whole gantlet of rewriting the county’s constitution. Voters will be asked to elect a group to rewrite it if they approve the effort. It’s a longshot.Vail will vote on four council seats, and on building a conference center that should already be built. Both elections are critical to Vail’s future. Vail, Colorado

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