This message should be daily |

This message should be daily

James Blackwell
Vail, CO, Colorado

I have a healthy distrust of the media (who better than a billionaire Australian to tell me what I “need to know”?) and would rather read blogs and watch “The Daily Show” to get my facts and editorials. However, these are crucial points and should be published daily until change happens:

– I want our leaders to know that here in Vail we support bold action on climate and energy, including a cap on carbon pollution.

– Capping carbon pollution will ignite the transition to clean energy, end our dependence on dirty fossil fuels and put America on a path toward economic recovery.

– A cap on carbon pollution will create tens of thousands of good-paying American jobs that can’t be shipped overseas.

– Consumers and businesses will benefit from stable energy prices, and with greater energy efficiency, we can get more from the energy we have, which will mean lower electricity bills.

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– Now is the time for action. The economy can’t wait. The climate crisis can’t wait.

James Blackwell

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