This ‘poodle’ will bark |

This ‘poodle’ will bark

Awhile back we challenged Eagle County Commissioner Peter Runyon in this space.We noted that it sure was beginning to seem that Runyon marched in lockstep with Commissioner Arn Menconi just as Commissioners Stone and Gallagher did before. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Maybe those Tipslines calling Peter Arn’s “poodle” had merit.Our spirit was more warning than assigning a label. But the concern is real enough while the Board of Commissioners remains a three-ring circus. The deeply personal rift between Menconi and Stone puts Runyon, the rookie, squarely in the middle.Runyon’s political views fit closest with Menconi’s. So naturally the two will vote together. What set us off finally – rightly or wrongly – was this attempt to pull Stone from an outside water board at mid-term for having the wrong views. Just as Stone and Gallagher had yanked Menconi from a housing board for making a wrong decision. That smacked too much of payback for us. Well, if Runyon is a poodle, at least he barks and bites like no man’s lapdog. And we are pleased to note he saw the need for a new fairgrounds livestock pavilion, nor did he bite on Menconi’s rather silly push for an ethics code. Why waste the time on something commissioners won’t follow and can’t be enforced anyway?We believe Runyon will prove out his own man, as the swing vote that sides with what makes the most sense. His displays of independence, then, are most welcome. Vail, Colorado

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