This question is not rhetorical |

This question is not rhetorical

With all respect to preconceived perceptions, do I look like an unintelligent baboon in my picture?If the majority of recent commentaries, letters, Tips, Wisdoms and Quick Takes are the slightest bit aimed in my general direction to help further my personal concept of right vs. wrong for the upcoming general elections, then they apparently think I am a complete imbecile incapable of researching, and thus reaching, my own conclusions.It’s not that I take personal offense to their patronizing methods, but I do tire of the self-righteous with political ideologies developed from quips overheard during episodes of the “West Wing” and now the even more insipid “Commander in Chief.”According to two of the biggies (aka, tax-funded commentaries) from last week, the concept of home rule is either the “right thing to do” or a “blank check for a pig in a poke.”Come on guys, which is it, paraphrasing a Spike Lee movie or buying supposedly lipsticked swine in a sack?And Peter, could you talk just a little bit lower to us nimrods on the bottom rung of the literacy ladder? I not sure I understand your meaning of the phrases “Don’t fall asleep now” and “Are you still with me?”Sadly, most of you out there in Happy Valley will plunge back into the partitioned political pits of partisanship, and simply vote however your party tells you, ignoring any debates and discussions because you already have your minds closed to the issues.”Hey Dick, didn’t you just contradict yourself? First you poke fun at those telling us how to vote, but then you say we should listen to them.”No, I did not say to ignore them, just their condescending techniques. Informed decisions cannot by made by uninformed minds. Read, research, discuss and debate with friends and colleagues, and then decide for yourself how to vote. Luckily, we are in a so-called off year for elections and thus not subjected to nationalized insensitivity of every single decision being based solely upon abortion, the death penalty and gay marriage.Consider this is an easy year.I personally try to take an Occam’s razor approach. Most of us don’t have the time to read and digest the plethora of information forced in our faces daily, and therefore follow the simplest route of decision from A to B. But 10 or 15 minutes a day with the Daily shouldn’t interfere with anyone’s life too much. If so, though, then you’re the type that probably won’t vote anyway (but still miraculously find time to complain).In fact, unfortunately, the majority of you will not even bother to mail in your ballot even if you do read. But have no fear, for there are plenty others filling the void of ignorance while sounding like Steve Martin in “The Jerk” running around the gas station yelling, “He hates these cans!”These types show up about this time each year (and of course during any discussion involving open space), and you can usually make them temporarily shut up by offering to buy them a beer.So while never outright suggesting how one should vote, I have no problem sharing my opinion. Otherwise, why am I writing and why are you reading? Therefore, for 1A I say beware of any politician who equates “bigger government” with “better government.” And if you are naive enough to think that cronyism would never come into play under home rule, then you shall reap exactly what you sow. Mark my words, cut out this column and put it in a sock drawer or just commit this to memory: If the Home Rule Charter Commission is passed, I guarantee the commission will NOT propose we drop the entire concept of home rule. And on a logistical note, you can vote NO on 1A and, although hypocritical in nature, you can still vote for commission members in each district, although that’s like buying a season pass for Vail and demanding to ski Copper Mountain.For 1B (the smoking ban), choose what’s more important to you, the right to kill yourself in public or the right to not have to participate.Conference center in Vail: Although I would love to see this boat with two sterns pointed in opposite directions pass simply so we don’t have to continue putting up with the same nauseating debate decade after decade, I believe there is a female going by the name of Kaye Ferry that just might have an opinion on the subject.Referendums C and D are simple ideological choices. If you smile at the idea of more government, vote YES. If you frown, vote NO. Contrary to popular perception, however, you do not have to vote the same for both. Voting for “C” allows the state to keep possible refunds democratically due you, while “D” allows the state to borrow money socialistically due them. I think if they get “C” they should just drop “D” otherwise we all could be “F’d.” Ask either camp to explain and I guarantee you will receive an elaborate answer. Who knows, one might even magically appear on this very page in a few days.Personally, I think there’s plenty of time left for me to chew on a few bananas and contemplate the entire mess in delicious detail.Richard Carnes of Edwards can be reached at poor@vail.netVail, Colorado

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